2019 Media Kit - 43



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Trade Show
Shelly Urish

Trade Show Manager
Email: surish@gcsaa.org
Phone: 785-832-4441

Melissa Householder

Trade Show Specialist
Email: mhouseholder@gcsaa.org
Phone: 785-312-5173

Jessica Bernstein

Trade Show Coordinator
Email: jbernstein@gcsaa.org
Phone: 785-832-4498

Business Development
Matt Brown

Director, Corporate Sales
Email: mbrown@gcsaa.org
Phone: 785-832-3601

Jim Cummins

Sr. Manager, Business Development
Email: jcummins@gcsaa.org
Phone: 785-312-5148

Karin Candrl

Account Manager
Email: kcandrl@gcsaa.org
Phone: 785-840-4348

Brett Iliff

Account Development Manager
Email: biliff@gcsaa.org
Phone: 785-312-5159

Brett Leonard

Traffic Coordinator
Email: bleonard@gcsaa.org
Phone: 785-832-3654


Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of 2019 Media Kit