2019 Media Kit - 41




Once you select the sponsorship package or advertising opportunity that's right for you, you'll work directly with EPIC Creative production
specialists to evaluate your objectives and develop your story and advertising messages.Together, we'll develop a strategy and
timetable that best suits your needs. Rest assured that the utmost professional quality is put into every component we create for you.

Five-Minute Feature Story ($8,000)

* Pre-production services: planning strategy and logistics - up to 4 hours.
* Half-day shooting: interviews and supporting B-roll footage with a
2-person crew - up to 5 hours (10 total man hours).
* EPIC selects interview clips and writes script, makes supporting scene selections - 6 hours.
* Story is edited with appropriate voiceover, B-roll and music - 12 hours
* Sponsor can view story on FTP site and make one round of changes - 3 hours
* Administrative supervision, client communications, oversight - 5 hours
* Total production services - up to 40 hours

Videos ($4,000)
Existing video materials should be provided
in the highest quality video format possible.
Preferred formats: HD broadcast in 720p or
1080p: Apple iPhone, Go Pro, HD Camcorder
and/or Camera etc. The media file provided
should be an .mp4 or .mov video file.

:15 or :20 Ad Spot ($4,000)

* We can place sponsor's existing :15 or :20 spots or edit a
new one from existing materials at no charge
* Sponsor provides footage, photos, graphic images, direction
* EPIC provides script writing, voiceover, editing, music, logo,
simple graphics as needed, but not shooting*
* Exception: If we are already shooting a sponsor story and can get footage for the spot in the same half-day time frame

Trade Show Booth Story ($4,000)

* Available at GIS and other turf shows where production crews are already scheduled
* Half- to one-hour shooting of your prepared 2-minute statement,
plus shots in the booth and editing with voiceover, if needed
** Travel expenses billed at cost, and shared with other clients or sponsors whenever possible.

Send all materials to: EPIC Creative (gcsaatv@epiccreative.com)

Banner Ad
Leaderboard: 728 x 90

Large Rectangle: 336 x 280
Large Mobile Banner: 320 x 100
File Formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, Rich Media
File Size: Under 150kb, 50kb for large
mobile banner
Links: provide exact URL you would like
your ad to link to.


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