2019 Media Kit - 39



Products & Rates
There are multiple opportunities to reach your targets through GCSAA TV with
options available รก la carte and in various value-added combination packages.

Five-Minute Feature Stories


Case studies, research, event coverage, new technology, how-to demonstrations and
testimonials provide valuable information to educate your target audience. No existing
video? GCSAA TV will shoot and edit custom video for you at no additional charge. Place
your video on the GCSAA TV home page with mouse-over descriptors. Keywords are preentered into the site's search engine, making it easy to find your message any time.

:15 or :20 Ad Spots


TV commercials can be produced using existing video footage, photos, graphics and
logos. You supply the source materials and GCSAA TV will work with you to develop
scripts and edit the spots with professional voiceovers, music and graphics. Your
spots will rotate as attachments to stories and will be accessible through links.

Trade Show Booth Coverage


During the Golf Industry Show and other trade shows, a professional camera crew can
visit your booth and tape an interview with your company representatives about what
you're featuring and capture product close-ups. Create a virtual tour that will live online
long after the show is over.

Post Your Existing Video


Your videos can be posted with descriptors and linked from the partner tabs
and channels as well as through keyword search. (subject to approval)

Webcasts ($8,000)
Continuing education is one of the most valuable
resources GCSAA provides for its members.
Showcase your company's area of expertise by
hosting a live webcast on GCSAA TV. Free to attend
for all GCSAA members, your webcast can also be
considered for GCSAA continuing education credits.
You can develop your webcast to best fit your
message by providing your own expert moderator and
tailoring your content. Your live webcast will continue
to be a useful resource as it will be available on the
site in an on-demand format after it airs. Webcasts
are searchable by topic, keyword, presenter and
sponsoring company.
The full marketing arm of GCSAA is utilized to drive
attendance to your webcast with promotions on the
GCSAA and GCSAA TV websites and in our two
weekly enewsletters.

Banner Ads

Your supplied ads appear on the homepage and
supporting pages in continuous rotation with other
banner ads throughout the site.




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