2019 Media Kit - 38



How Is Viewership Driven?
Aggressively Promoted

Embedded Videos

GCSAA constantly drives traffic to GCSAA TV through a wide variety of
print and electronic communications, calling superintendents' attention
to fresh new content as it becomes available.

Available on the site is the ability for users to
"embed" a GCSAA TV player into their own web
pages, broadcasting GCSAA TV content to their
users, similar to YouTube. This creates more
opportunities for content to be viewed across the
Internet and drive traffic to the GCSAA TV site. All
views on these embedded players are tracked.

* Full-page ads in Golf Course Management (GCM) magazine promoting
GCSAA TV and featuring logos of sponsors-every month!
* Feature editorials in GCM invite viewers to view the unique content video
version of the story on GCSAA TV-every month!
* Live link to the latest GCSAA TV video story in The First Cut-every week!
* Link on GCSAA home page inviting all visitors-every day!

* GCSAA This Week member newsletter promotions-every week!
* Press releases announce new sponsor stories in GCM and The First Cut
-as they come on board.
* Regular email promotions to over 48,000 golf industry contacts worldwide.
* Every video is promoted on Facebook with a sneak-peek and link to the website
* Latest videos posted and promoted on GCMOnline.com

New Content
Added Every Week
Golf course superintendents throughout the world
visit the site every week to see new footage of
other golf facilities, hear from their peers, catch up
on the latest research, see new products and be
entertained by fun and popular short features like
"What's in Your Cart?" and "Tee It Up." And they like
using video to share information with their managers.

Viewership Reports
GCSAA TV has more than 2,500,000 video views
by visitors from over 180 countries since the site
was launched in 2009. Since day one, viewership
data has been compiled and can be analyzed and
provided to active sponsors upon request.


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