2019 Media Kit - 13



Customized Market Research
GCSAA has a series of research projects designed to give you a deeper understanding of purchasing patterns and
product usage across the golf course. Information from these surveys is searchable by region, course type and budget size.

Operations Surveys


Annual Subscription


Pick Three Survey


Individual Report


A data subscription covers the entire project and you
will receive the results from completed surveys as well
as new surveys as soon as they become available.

Completed Surveys
* Cultivation & Cultural Practices (2013)
* Technology (2013)
* Equipment (2014)
* Maintenance Budget (2015)
* Capital Budget & Labor (2016)
* Maintenance Budget (2018)

Research Panel
Would you like to know what triggers a superintendent's buying decisions or
what their specific maintenance needs are? Utilizing GCSAA's Superintendent
Research Panel will give you the opportunity to gain valuable insight that will,
in turn, help you reach your audience with a more strategic approach.
The Superintendent Research Panel is a representative group of
professional golf course superintendents who participate in industryrelated research initiatives. They provide the industry with a means to
connect to superintendents via online surveys and/or focus groups for
the purpose of improving the delivery of products and services.
Surveys are conducted twice per month and each
survey can feature up to 15 questions.


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